Sunday, February 14, 2010


a day to make lonely people depressed and loved people possessed
as described in urban dictionary.
love is an incredibly powerful word.
love is full of emotion.affection.attachment.

loving someone is
the feeling that warms your heart and leaves you overcome by a feeling of serenity

it can be about
thinking about someone as the last thing you do before you go to sleep.
thinking about someone as the first thing you think of when you wake up.

i love love.
all kinds of love.

love for a friend
a partner
a brother
a sister

i love my mum and dad.
because they continue to be there for me. and help me. and love me.unconditionally

i love dudley.
i know he's not a human. he's a dog.
but he's a pretty cute dog and he's a big part of my life.

i love my brother. and my nephews.
conan and joel.
because we are family.

i love my friends.
i have the best of them. they are really good to me.

i love living in sydney.
and in my suburb.
and in my gorgeous terrace house.

i love my job.
it's stimulating.and important.and i make a difference.

i love my life.
i’m so grateful to be alive. to have freedom. to be me.

however you celebrate this day.
i wish you love.

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