Tuesday, March 30, 2010


boy and i were talking about happiness
what is it that makes us happy?

what are some simple, everyday things that make us happy?
we came up with a little list

to do

write a handwritten letter to a friend or family member

have a go at writing poetry

try a new cafe for breakfast tell yourself a joke you've never heard before
make or build something

go smell a horse

do something touristy in your own city
grow something that you can eat
put crisp clean sheets on your bed
try to find a great song by a great artist you've never heard of before

get out two sheets of paper. On one list your attributes and on the other your flaws. Read them and then burn your list of flaws and keep your list of attributes

google something that interests you but that you have never researched

plan something - anything - to look forward to

find a friend from primary school

take lots of couple shots until you get the perfect one

read a book by a fire
on a cold day

cook a fabulous meal
for the enjoyment of another

lay on the grass,
look up at the clouds
and find
pictures there

make a list of things you enjoy doing
with someone
you would enjoy doing them with
{like we did}

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