Monday, June 15, 2009


Don't you love it when you find a dress that is just 'you'? It's the right colour, the right gorgeous print, the right fit, it's just well . . . right.

I haven't worn it yet as it's been too cold lately. I hope it looks just as good on as it does on the hanger . . . mmmmmmmm . . . . we'll see. I bought it from Yoshi Jones - a sweet clothing store in Newtown. All the clothes are originals, designed and made in Australia using a mix of contemporary Japanese and vintage kimono fabric.
Oh, and I love the graphic on their website:

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  1. Love the frock! I knew it was Yoshii when I saw it...we will have to have a Yoshii-stand-off next time we meet in the hallowed corridors of CEO!!!!!