Tuesday, March 31, 2009


30th March 2009

Snow Patrol pulled all the right moves. With lead singer Gary Lightbody, a charismatically fun guy with a great smile, the band rocked and wooed and captivated the audience with their superlative songs and melodic pop-rock charm.

Apparently Snow Patrol love Australia and have been here a number of times. To date they have sold in excess of 7 million albums worldwide, including their latest - A Hundred Millions Suns, which houses the mighty radio hit Take Back The City. They’re probably best known though for their super-hit song Chasing Cars which propelled the band into public consciousness. When Grey's Anatomy featured it in its show the entire demographic claimed Snow Patrol as their favourite band.

The venue was the Hordern Pavilion, which I can’t really remember being in before – but perhaps in the early 80’s or (dare I say) late 70’s seeing bands such as ACDC or Hush or Ted Mulry Gang or . . . you get the drift! Anyway, it was just too easy to get to – even though most of the CBD was blacked-out (including my house!) We parked on the street, practically outside the venue and to top it off – the parking meter wasn’t working – so free parking it was! Bonus! The Hordern is pretty much square with a big pit in the middle for the moshers and tiered seating around the perimeter. We had unreserved seats and found a great spot on the side of the stage that was reasonably close with a good view of the band. So it was a great concert with a number of ‘oh my gosh!’ moments including Gary’s short rendition of Inx’s New Sensation, the sing-a-longs Chasing Cars, You Could Be Happy and Shut Your Eyes and the current fave Take Back The City.

Now – onto the special guest - Jenny Lewis. What a star! I hadn’t heard of her before. What a voice! She is an indie folk singer/songwriter/guitarist, who is best known for being the lead singer and guitarist for the indie rock band Rilo Kiley. She has released two solo albums, 2006’s Rabbit Fur Coat (with The Watson Twins) and 2008’s Acid Tongue. She is also a former child actress. Her ‘oh my gosh!’ moment song for me was Godspeed - a song she wrote for a girlfriend of hers. I’m going to download some of her music verrrrrry soon!

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