Wednesday, March 25, 2009


When hurricane Hannah separated two white tigers from their mother, Anjana came to the rescue. Anjana, a two-year-old chimpanzee at TIGERS (The Institute of Greatly Endangered and Rare Species) in South Carolina, US. became surrogate mum and playmate to the cubs - Mitra and Shiva, even helping with bottle feeding, according to The Sun in London. But here's the truly amazing part: This is something Anjana does all the time, having helped raise leopard and lion cubs on several occasions.
Anjana has been a constant companion to infant animal carer China — and the chimp loves aping her work. TIGERS founder Dr Bhagavan Antle said: “Anjana has joined China in caring for baby animals. Monkey see, monkey do and Anjana has helped China raise them."

Check out these gorgeous pics:


  1. Love the blog Sue!!! Great photos. I like the fact it is a personal blog - all facets of your life are represented (so where is the famous cross USB??!!). More on Ubud please! Helen

  2. Thanks HELEN!
    More Ubud coming soon!!
    Yes - must to a posting on the USB - good idea!

  3. Ummmm... I hope the beautiful person who bought you the cross USB is featured heavily in that post.